Udaariyaan Promo EP 259:Tejo gets angry on angad and fateh


High Voltage drama is going on in Colours TV daily soap Udaariyaan in the upcoming episodes it will be seen that the tejo will tell fateh that he need not to worry about her because she is an independent woman and she knows how to live without a man.

She will tell him that she don’t want anyone to think about her because she can take her own decisions. She will tell him that she is not a weak woman that she needs the help of a man to live a life. She will also tell him that she can’t even think that he is the man whom she has loved.

Later tejo we’ll go to Angad’s office and ask him that who has told him or given him permission to hide things from her. She will ask him that why he was hiding such a big truth from him. She will tell that she has told him before that she feels as if fateh is there.

Angad will tell her that she is misunderstanding him. He will tell that he did not want to disturb her that’s why she was hiding all of these things from her.Tejo tell that there is no need of hiding anything from her because she can handle things all alone.

In the latest episode It is seen that Jasmine met tejo she tells Jasmine tell her that she is very happy with fateh because he loves her very much and that is why she does not even get the time to think about others.

She tells that that they must go on a double date and all of them must be present to are there. And then they will send the picture of four of them to the family.She says that tejo always wanted that her family should be happy and this is the only way they can make happy

Tejo asks her to leave and says that she is happy there with Angad. Jasmine taunts her and asks whether she is really happy staying with angad.Later fateh reveals to tejo that there is nothing between him and Jasmine because the wedding was a freak wedding and he will see the truth to her.

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