Kundali Bhagya episode 3rd January 2022:Kareena gets shocked to see Preeta’s attitude

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya episode 3rd January 2022: Prithvi enters the room and finds that no one is the room . He goes outside the room and opens the door and finds that Mona was trapped inside the room.

He asks Mona that what is she doing in the room and why is the room closed from outside she tells that she does not know someone came and locked the door from outside.

She says that she was about to go to sleep. Prithvi gets angry on her and tells them that she was appointed to take care of Mahesh because he has become a mental patient. Preeta overhears all these conversations and thinks that she must leave from there before it becomes that.

Prithvi gets angry on mona and tells her to take care of Mahesh he asks her to find out who is there who has locked the door. Prithvi finds Sherlyn over there he asks her that what is she doing over there she says that he was shouting so loudly that everyone will wake up.

Prithvi calls all the family members ringing the alarm, everyone can others in the hall Prithvi asks that who has went to meet Mahesh. He tells that Mona has been appointed to take care of Mahesh and someone has locked her in the room. He questions everyone that who has been there.

Preeta can stay and tells that she can’t sleep she asks that why are they howling. Everyone gets surprised to see her, she wants to sleep and she wants no disturbance she says that if someone disturbs her then she will throw that person out of the house.

Prithvi and Sherlyn speaks to each other with me tell her that preeta is up to something. He says that he thinks she is lying about the property papers, Sherlyn tells that she is not lying on the property papers are true because she has seen them. Prithvi tales that a lawyer will understand the based about property papers and not she.

Later bani and Kareena speaks with each other both of them speaks about Preeta. Bani tells to Kareena that as soon as Karan wakes up the next morning she will tell him what happened the last night. Sherlyn tails Natasha to remember for what she has brought her in that house.

Natasha tells her that Karan is always drunk , Preeta overhears the conversation.Later preeta goes to the kitchen and thinks that what Sherlyn was thinking is right because the way the Luthra’s has treated her she should have thrown everyone out of the house after returning to the house but she will not because she is not like others. She decides that from the next day everyone should listen to her what she will tell.

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