Udaariyaan BIG UPDATE! Jasmine’s entry shocks everyone

A lot of twists and turns are happening in the Star Plus daily soap Udaariyaan interesting track it is been seen that Angad returns to Moga he tells Tejo that she should come with him and should leave whatever she has over there.

Tejo gets angry at him she says that she can take the decision of her own life and will do whatever she wants and she will not listen to anyone else. Angad tries to make her understand but she gets Adamant with her decision.

In the latest track, it is seen that fateh makes everyone understand that they should come to the party because then Tejo will be very happy to see the full family over there.

He sends a beautiful dress to Tejo’s brothers. When Tejo finds the dress she gets overwhelmed to see it she thinks that her brothers love her very much.

At the party, Tejo comes wearing the dress that Fateh has given her and he gets very happy to see her in that dress. He tries to bring Virks and Sandhu’s together. 

Angad enters, greets Tejo, and informs her that Khushbeer invited him. Angad attempts to persuade and influence Rupy.

Angad tells rupy that fateh does not deserve the job because he has already at first been hurt by getting a divorce and then he has done the fake wedding with Jasmine.Jasmine comes dancing and lifts the veil off her face. Everyone is shocked.

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