Kundali Bhagya – January 11, 2022, Spoiler Alert

Kundali Bhagya

High Voltage Rama is going on in Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya. In today’s episode it will be seen that Preeta changes the whole game of Prithvi. She says that the pen that she is holding in her hand is nothing but the camera pen and all the things that has been going on has been recorded.

Nagre gets afraid and goes to take the pen but Preeta asks him not to even think about that. Preeta give the pen to Girish she tells that now there is nothing they can do. Nagre tells that he will be leaving now Preeta tells that he can’t because there is a rule in that house that if any guest comes to the house they offer this something.

She says that there is someone in the house who makes very good tea. She asks Sherlyn to make some tea for Nagre. Sherlyn goes to the kitchen and starts playing with and telling bad things or Preeta she says that she can’t even see her in front of her now.

Sherlyn gets into the kitchen and tells that she is also not able to tolerate Preeta. On the other hand with me gets angry on Nagre. He says that he thought that his lawyer is a very good but he is useless.Nagre ask him to behave in front of him.

Nagre tells that he only told him that Preeta is a simple woman and is the wife of Karan Luthra. But he never said that she has such a good personality. He asks Prithvi to very careful about Preeta because this time she has came with full plan and she can do anything.

Prithvi tells that the next day is very important for him and if something happens then there will be a very big problem for him. On the other hand Karan meets Preeta both of them gets emotional because they comes close to each other. Preeta ask him that why does he fall all the time.

Karan reminds her there how she is to fall before and used to save her. She starts thinking about the old memories and gets emotional. She tells Karan that due to him there has been big loss in the business and now she must recover it. She asks him to become the best cricketer once again.

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