Meet Upcoming Episode 26th Jan Sneak Peek

Meet Episode 26th January 2022 Sneak Peek: A lot of drama will happen in the upcoming episode of Zee TV daily soap meet.

Rajvardhan drops meet to her college and tells that he has brought her to the college and the journey ahead must be done by her.

Suddenly she receives a message on her mobile phone and She reads message. She finds it is written in the message that someone is in danger.

And the person is asking for help from meet Ustad. She decides to go and see that what happened and she decides to save the person.

Meet Episode 26th January 2022 Sneak Peek

She takes a rod in her hand and gets into auto-rickshaw and leaves from there.Anubha watches her get into the auto rickshaw with a rod in her hand.

Anubha gets shocked to see her over there she thinks that what is meet doing over there because she must go to college because it is her first day in college.

On the other hand in the Ahlawat house a man enters in wounded condition. Everyone asks the man what is wrong with him.

Everyone asks him that who has done this to him he says that they should need to call the police. He ask them to call the police and tell that meet is responsible for all days.

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