Udaariyaan 25th Jan 2022 upcoming update:Will Angad tell Jasmine’s truth to Tejo?

Udaariyaan 25th January 2022

Udaariyaan 25th January 2022: High Voltage drama is going on in Colours TV daily soap Udaariyaan in the upcoming episode it will be seen that angad met Tejo.

He gives the mobile phone to her and tell that you went to her home to speak to her but he did not find her over there and her mother give that phone.

Tejo takes the phone from him. He says that he wants to speak to her and it is important matter to speak about. But Tejo denies to speak to him.

She tells that she does not have time to speak to him and she have to go somewhere very important. He makes her understand that it is not like that what she is thinking.

But she does not listen to him and get ready to leave from there.Angad tells that it is not about both of them but it is about fateh and his family.

In the latest episode It is seen that Amrik gets admitted to hospital because he wanted to attend suicide. Khushbeer gets angry on Rupy and blames him for everything.

Fateh asks rupy not to think about what khushbeer said to him because he is in tension because of his son. After sometime fateh and tejo leaves from there.

Jasmine enter Hospital he goes to the room where Amrik is admitted, She Goes and tells him that for him her plan has been ruined.

He says that he will call everyone and scream in the hospital just been threatens Hemant else if he does that then his family will be in danger.

Later khushbeer tells fateh that the lawyer has given up the case.Fateh tell that now he will handle everything khushbeer asks that what will do.

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