Anupama 25th January 2022 Major Update: Shocking !!! Malvika defends Vanraj

Anupama 25th January 2022 Major Update

Anupama 25th January 2022 Major Update: Nandini tells Samar that she wish that vanraj does not shout on Kavya. He says that Kavya is wrong.

Nandini supports Kavya. Kavya tells that when she is not happy she will not let anyone be happy. She says that she will destroy everything.

She destroys all the decorations over there. Pakhi tells that the Shah family always does some drama.Vanrajj gets angry and leaves from there.

He thinks that where has he got trapped. Hasmukh Apologise to GK and says that for them the celebration has been ruined.

GK asks him not to feel bad because they are family now. Leela tells Anupama that she is very sorry for the problem. She says that due to the family she is always in Problem.

Leela tells Anupama that she is always dragged into the family problems. Anuj console Leela and Hasmukh and tells that they need not to worry about all this.

Anupama asks Kinjal and Partiosh to take Hasmuk and Leela home. Kavya tells that the family must think about her because she is back.

Kavya gets very angry on everyone and starts insulting them. On the other hand Anupama feels bad.Samar tells Nandini that it is due to this reason that Kavya is going away from the family.

Nandini keeps quiet, Anupama thinks that the whole celebration of Sankranti has been ruined for all this. Anuj Anupama flies kite.

Later vanraj thinks the words that has been said by Kavya. Anupama speaks to Anuj she tells him that she has asked Hasmukh to take care of Kavya.

Anuj tells that she should stay away from the family problems now because it is high time. Malvika comes there. Anupama says that Kavya is not wrong.

She tells that the way Kavya behaved was wrong. Malvika says that she will always support vanraj because for her he is the best Anupama gets shocked listening this.

Anuj tells Anupama to stay away from the problems of Kavya and her husband. He says that she can’t do anything in that and their relationship.

Anuj tells that Kavya and her husband should sought out their own problems and she should not get into all these problems.

Nandini and Kavya speaks to each other and Nandini says that they must go to USA. Kavya asks her whether they can stay without their partners.

Nandini says that they will go back to us and they will have no problem because they will learn how to stay alone without their partners and family.

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