Anupama Update: New Twist!!! Malvika decides to change the office for Vanraj

Anupama Update: The ongoing track of the show is quite interesting. Malvika decides to leave the office because of her partner vanraj.

She tells Anuj that vanraj it is already very stressed out in the house and now his wife has also came in the office. And it is becoming very difficult for him.


Anuj makes her understand that they must not bring their personal life into their professional life. She asks him that then why he brought Anupama into the office.

Anupama overhears only conversation and gets surprised to see the change in Malvika. She starts thinking about whether vanraj is doing something with her feelings.

Anuj tells Anupama that he have to do something to stop Malvika from doing all this. She asks what is he going to do.

He says that he does not know but we have to do something she says that he should not do something because of which she goes away from him.

Anuj and Anupama both works together. Anuj says that Malvika is still working. Anupama says that it is very natural that she is working late night.

He says that it is not natural because she does not work late night. Anuj goes to keep his documents when a diary falls down.

Anupama finds a rose in the diary she asks about it. Anuj says the story behind that rose. Anupama says that it is one of the most beautiful roses in the world.

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