Meet S01 Episode 152,31st January 2022 Full Written Update

Meet 31st January 2022 Full Written Update

Meet 31st January 2022 Full Written Update: Meet goes to enter the house. Babita comes there and stops her. Meet says that she can explain why she could not come to the panchayat meeting. Babita says that she knows the reason.

She says that it was Manushi who was creating problems. Meat says that she is right but how did she know about all this. She says that she wanted to see whether she feels ashamed or not. She says that she should be ashamed for what she has done.

She says that it was because of her that Manushi she could not marry her son. She gets surprised to hear this. Babita says that she also have someone who will explain everything. She calls her grandmother. Meet gets surprised to see her grandmother was there.

Babita so sorry letter where Manushi has written that it is because of meet she is leaving the wedding.Meet says that all of this are lies and manushi and is trying tp put her in trouble.She asks her grandmother that why is she doing all this.

Meet 31st January 2022 Full Written Update

But she doesnot tell anything and leaves.Meet ahlawat asks tej that what will he do beacuse he cant understand whether meet is telling the truth or not.Meet goes to her husband but he donot pay attention to her.

Tej keeps both of they are hand together and says to be friends. Babita calls meet and Manushi. She says that she has sent meet and her husband to honeymoon so that both of them are not close to each other but there is no change in their relationship.

Meet tells that both of them are good friends. Babita says that she has only one option and that is a challenge. She says that Manushi and meet both have to face this challenge for 10 days.She tells meet that if she loses the challenge then she will have to give divorce to meet ahlawat.

She tells that both of them have to make Kesar kheer for her son as he loves to eat it.She also tells meet that she knows that she donot know how to make it she says that she can buy it from outside also. Manushi thinks that she will be the one who will be winning the challenge.

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