Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein S01 Ep417 January 31st, 2022

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Sai calls Virat and asks him to come to the Chavan house because she has some important things to tell him. She asks about Shruti and their baby.

He asks why is she so much worried about them. She says that Sahas is a part of that that’s why she is asking about them.

Virat thinks that it may be that she has read the article that’s why she is saying these things. Sai cuts the call Shruti asks Virat to tell the truth when he will meet her.

Virat does not answer her and leaves. On the other hand, Ninad gets angry after reading the article. He blames Virat for all the problems.

Bhawani tells that to Virat their respect in the society has been destroyed. Bhawani tells that she thought that look like her husband but now he was understood that she is not like that.

Karishma tells that Virat can come back to the House along with Shruti and baby. She says that she won’t allow them to come inside your house and will never accept them.

Bhavani scolds Karishma while Sonali signals her daughter-in-law to stay silent for a while. Mohit tells Samrat that his friends are continuously sending the articles to him and ask you whether it is true.

Pakhi says that her parents also surprised after reading the article. Sai comes there and everyone gets shocked to see her over there.

Bhawani asks her that why she did not support them when all this Were happening. Shivani remembers about Virat’s word that Sai knows regarding Shruti and her child.

Sai ask them whether they have met Shruti and told her something which has made her ill. Bhavani tell her that she should not take her name in that house.

Ashwani gets emotional seeing sai She Goes and hugs her.Pakhi talks about Shruti and Virat’s relationship, while Samrat ask her to stay quiet.

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