Bhagya Lakshmi S01 Episode 154 January 31, 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi 31st January 2022 Full Written Update: Karishma goes to Neelam and says that she should not worry about her son so much as everything is ok. Neelam says that Lakshmi is not with her son anymore.

She gets to know that the Pandit Ji has come there. Neelam goes, Karishma thinks that she does not believe in The Spiritual things but when Neelam tells all these sisters believing in them. On the other hand, Malishka tells Rishi that they should buy something.

In the jewelry shop, the lady tells her to bring the mangalsutra boxes. She fails to bring the boxes and the boxes falls down. She gets angry and tells that due to this she doesn’t like to work with new people. The other girls help her.

The Pandit asks that where is Lakshmi he asks that why is she not with Rishi. He says that Rishi is in a very big danger and death is near to him. Karishma tells that it can be that it is wrong on this predictions. The Pandit says that it it has already been proved that they are not.

bhagya lakshmi

He says that death can’t be stopped and it will be coming to each and everyone. But if the medicine is given at the right time then maybe the person can be saved for timing. He says that for every she it is Lakshmi who is the medicine.

Rish and Malishka enters the shop. Malishka tells rishi to find a necklace set for her. And she starts finding the mangalsutra. She sees Lakshmi but in the next moment, she does not see anyone. Rishi asks where is she looking as he is in front of her.

She tells that it felt as if she saw Lakshmi. She then starts seeing the jewelry. The woman tells Lakshmi to show the mangalsutra. Lakshmi arrives with the mangalsutra. Malishka turns around and finds Lakshmi standing behind her.

She asks her what is she doing over there. The woman says that she is the new lady who is working with her in the shop. Maliska says that they should not keep new and freshers in their shop. Lakshmi says that she will learn everything because it is her first day she is taking some time.

The head in charge gets angry at Lakshmi and asks her to step back and keep her eyes down. On the other hand, she tries to pick up jewelry set for Malishka. Lakshmi goes upstairs and finds that Rishi is also there.Rishi finds the reflection of Lakshmi in the mirror and turns around but he does not find her.

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