Meet S01 Episode 13th January 2022: Anubha warns Meet of Manushi


Manushi gives massage to Babita. She thinks that if she somehow enters into the good book of Nobita then she can easily get into the house. Anubha comes at the house and tries to take Manushi home. She says that she knows her children very well and she knows that Manushi she will try to create problem in the house.

Meet tries to console her she explains to her that Manushi she is changed now. Manushi goes to drink the cleaning detergent but made it stops her at the right time and takes her to the hall. Babita tells Anubha that her behavior is very bad towards her children.

It says that the doctor has said that Manushi is ok but she needs to take rest and she shouldn’t get into stressful situations. She says that and that is the only reason she has kept her in that house to take care of her. Meanwhile the police comes at the house and says that someone has reported them.

Rajvardhan says that there must be some misunderstanding because there is nothing like that and no one has called them. The Police says that someone has complaint that someone is trying to attend suicide at that house and someone is forcing her.

Ragni tells Babita that it must be much who has done this. The police asks them that he wants to meet Manushi Rajvardhan takes him to the room the police asks Manushi that who is trying to kill her and why she trying to do suicide.

Manushi points at meet Rajvardhan says that this is not possible because meet cant do all this. Manushi says that she wants a glass of water that’s why she is pointing at meet and there is no water in the house who wants her bad. Meat says that he like to police officer because he is a very honest police officer just like her dad.

The police officer ask her father’s name she tells the name of her father the police officer asked that what is she doing over there she says that it is her in laws. Sunaina comes to the house and get surprised to see Tej over there. Tej goes handwipes her tears and she tries to touch him then he gets scared and runs inside. Sunaina thinks why no one informed me about Tej return and why he behaved in this way.

Meet goes to deliver pizza at the ahlawat Constructions she delivers the pizza but before that she feels shy and decides not to enter there because her husband is there. She thinks that if she enters their her husband will be feeling bad because they are so big businessman and his wife is delivering pizza. But before she could leave her husband takes her and introduces her to his colleagues.

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