Kundali Bhagya ‘BIGGEST TWIST’ Upcoming Promo: Preeta will be Arrested , Will Prithvi win the game?

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya upcoming episode update:A major drama will be happen in the upcoming episode of Zee TV Kundali Bhagya. The makers are coming up with new post in each and every episode. The audience are very excited to know that what will happen in the upcoming episodes of serial Kundali Bhagya.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that preeta will get angry on Prithvi she will ask him to leave the house as soon as possible because he can’t tolerate him in front of her.

She will get extremely rude with him and will push him and due to this Prithvi will get hurt. Then he will smile like the devil. The police will come over there and will tell that they have came there to arrest someone.

Prithvi’s lawyer Nagre will tell the police that it is Preeta who was trying to kill his client. And the police will arrest her in an attempt to murder case. How will Preeta save herself?

In the latest episode It is seen that nagre reveals that now he will file a case on Preeta because she does not know but the signatures which he has taken from Mahesh was his plan.

Preeta reveals that everything that he was saying up till now as recorded in the pen because it is not a normal pen it is a pen camera. Nagari tries to take the pain from her but she tells him not to even think of it.

Nagre gets afraid he tells Prithvi that he told him that Preeta is only wife’s but he never told him that Preeta has such a good personality. On the other hand Preeta meets Karan she asks him to become the same famous cricket player that he was before.

A lot of twist and turns will be seen in the upcoming episodes of serial Kundali Bhagya. Stay tuned with us to get the latest spoilers and updates of the episode and keep on watching Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya.

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