Meet New Twist: Manushi makes a new plan to create problems in meet’s life


Get ready for the upcoming drama in Zee TV serial meet. The makers of the show are coming up with interesting stories in each and every episode.

The audience is enjoying this show and the makers have never failed to entertain the audience. It will be very interesting to know what will happen in the upcoming episode.

In the latest track, it is been seen that Manushi make some new plans to create problems in the life of her sister meet.

She sends Ravi to the ahalwat house. He goes there and tells everyone that meet has beaten him very badly.

Meet ahlawat asks meet whether she has really done all this. Meet feels very bad after hearing this from her husband she asked whether he believes her or not.

He says that he believes her but the thing is that she has done things like this before that’s why he is asking her.

Later meet ahlawat does not eat his dinner. Meet ask him why is he doing like this he says that now she should stop all this.

She tells him that he is angry with her then why is he showing his anger at the food. She tells him that if he does not eat Babita, Rajvardhan and no one will be able to eat.

She explains how everyone is always affected by him because they love him very much. He asks her whether she has eaten had dinner she says that she has also not eaten her dinner.

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