Anupama 27th Jan 2022 Promosode:Malvika angry on anupama?

Anupama 27th January 2022 Promosode

Anupama 27th January 2022 Promosode: High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama.

In the upcoming episode will be very interesting to know what will happen. The audience are quite excited to watch the show.

The upcoming episode will come up with a new twist. Anuj will find that Anupama is sleeping in the office and she is feeling cold.

Anuj takes off his blazer and puts it on Anupama. After some time Anupama wakes up and finds Anuj feeling cold and then she puts the blazer on him.

In the meeting vanraj tell that you think from a business point of view then Mumbai is the best place to make the restaurant.

He tells Malvika that they should go to Mumbai. Anupama says the project is their but the people are for them. She asks Malvika to first launch the business in Ahmedabad.

Anuj agrees to Anupama and says that she is absolutely right, Malvika says that information absolutely right for everything.

Malvika says that whatever Anupama says he says that it is absolutely right. Malvika says that he is already listening to all the things that Anupama tells to him before the marriage.

Anupam episode 26 January 2022 precap

Anupama tells Kavya and Nandini that if they want to leave the house, they can leave the house. She says that they should leave the house without any guilt.

She asks both of them to take a decision and to put their heads high and leave the house. Kavya asks Anupama to help her out.

Anupama agrees to help her, Kavya ask her to take her in anuj’s company. Anupama information is that she has brought Kavya because you will be working with them in the project.

Vanraj ask Anupama why she should brought Kavya her over there, Anupama informs them that she has brought only for professional reasons.

He thinks that he knows why has Anupama brought her over there he thinks that she has brought Anupama what they are to distance him from Malvika.

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