Meet upcoming episode 27th January 2022 written update: High Drama!!! Jay Pratap asks Meet to apologize to Ravi


Meet upcoming episode 27th January 2022 written update: Meet ahlawat tells his wife to tell everyone that she was in the college.Anubha reaches there and says that it is good that meat is ok and she has not got any hurt.

She says that she found her with a stick. Rajvardhan tells Ravi that he does not believe him he believes meet and he knows that she can’t do anything like that. He says that he can’t do anything in this matter. He tells meet to take Ravi to the hospital.

Ravi says that he does not want anybody sympathy and leaves from there he asks the family members to question meet when no one is there. Babita and Manushi leaves.Masoom sees Meet Ahlawat and tells her husband that she believes Meet beat him as it happened previously too. .

Meet ahlawat does the first aid for his wife and asks her whether she has done that. She asks whether he is thinking that she has done all this. He says that he is not telling like that but sometimes she gets angry and she beats everyone.

On the other hand Ravi meet and says to manushi that he has done whatever she has told him to do. He asks her that why is she doing so bad things with her own sister. Meet asks her husband whether he doubts her.

Her husband explains to her that she has done this before that’s why he is asking her. Ravi tells he doesn’t want to lose Sunaina this time and questions Manushi, what she achieves by ruining her sister’s image.Meet works in the garden.

She thinks that someone is plotting a plan to trap her. Babita tells her that due to her meet ahlawat is not eating his dinner.She goes to her husband and asks that why is he not eating his dinner. Meanwhile Jai Pratap comes over there.

He tells that meet have to apologize to his son in law for her behaviour. Rajvardhan tells that he believes on his daughter-in-law and he knows that she can’t do anything like that.Meet ahlawat comes there and tells that meet will apologize to him.

We have seen the episode on the OTT platform.

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