Meet 11th January 2022:Meet and Meet Ahlawat Romance in the kitchen


Meet 11th January 2022: Manushi what is the torch light on tej’s face and asks him to hurt with the flower vase. Tej gets angry and he runs after her . Manushi start screaming and she comes downstairs everyone gets shocked to see her and Tej.

Tej throws the flower vase and Manushi she gets unconscious meet gets worried about her sister and she starts crying. She asks to call the doctor as soon as and as possible. Meet tries to control Tej and Rajvardhan asks him to take Tej upstairs to his room.

It tells that they have to take Manushi to the room.Meet ahlawat takes Manush to the room. Masoom tells that it is very dangerous to stay with him because he has lost his memory and he has become mentally unstable. Masoom says that must be sent to a mental Asylum.

Babita says that he will be going nowhere and he will be staying in the same house and if someone has problem they can leave. The doctor checks manushi he says that she has received a really deep wound. The doctor tells to take care of her.

Meet asks Babita and Rajvardhan whether she can keep her sister over there for few days and take care of her senses that she can do that. But Rajvardhan also test says her that at first she has to take the permission from his son because due to Manushi he has got hurt.

Meet ahlawat asks Tej to cool down and tries to make him comfortable. He asks him to take some rest meet ask him whether she can keep Manushi over there and take care of her. Her husband tells her that when they went to Rajasthan Manushi came over there.

But it was good because now he got to know that how can he stay comfortable in her presence. At the night meet finds her husband in the kitchen and asks whether you have not gone to sleep. He says that he used to eat ice cream with age during his childhood.

He gets emotional , meet tries to make him happy and put the ice cream on his both of them starts running after each other and applies ice cream on each other. Meet and meet ahlawat comes close to each other and a romantic moment takes place.

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