BhagyaLakshmi 11th January 2022:New Challenge! Lakshmi to search for a job

BhagyaLakshmi 11th January 2022

BhagyaLakshmi 11th January 2022: Lakshmi remembers how re she is to take care of her. Shalu and bani gets emotional and both of them go to the kitchen and starts crying. Rishi tries to call Lakshmi but she ignores the call.Lakshmi comes out from the room and notices her sisters are crying.

She remembers what her dad has told her. She goes to her sisters and asks him not to cry. Her sister’s say that she has been cheated and she did not allow them to go to that house and to confront them. Lakshmi says that she does not care about it anymore.

Lakshmi says that her relationship is all about trust and if the trust breaks there is nothing left in it. She says the relationship between her and her husband has ended and she does not want to waste her time thinking about that. she reminds them that they came to this city all around and no one could take anything from them.

The next day Neha wake rano up she tells her that they should execute their plan now .Rano says that she will take Lakshmi back to the house and if the house says that they will not take back her then she will ask for lots of money and it will be profitable in both the cases.

Rishi imagine that Lakshmi is waking him up but after sometime realises that it is not the reality.Shalu and Lakshmi returns to the house. Rano says that she will take Lakshmi back to the Oberoi house. Lakshmi says that she will not to go to that house anymore.

Rano tell that if she goes to that house at least you will receive the monthly rent. Lakshmi officer to give the Rain by herself she asks whether she has got any wealth. She says that she will do a job and will earn money. Aayush speaks to Rishi he ask him whether he knows where is Lakshmi and if she is right.

Rishi says him that he should leave him all alone. On the other hand, Rano tell that she will not listen to them but Shalu says that they will then go away from their and will stay with Savita Tai. Neha asks them to pay a rent of 8000 rupees. Lakshmi agrees to give them the money.

Rano says that if Lakshmi does not get the job by two days then she will throw them out of the house. Rishi tells Ayush that Lakshmi did the wrong thing she just took out her frustration because she saw both of them getting married. And now the family is going away from him.

Aayush tell him that the thing that he has done is also wrong. Shalu gives curd to Lakshmi she says that Lakshmi will surely get the job Lakshmi takes the file and leaves to find the job. Rishi says that what happened with him is also wrong and Lakshmi did are wrong thing with him.

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