Meet Upcoming Twist: WHAT! Manushi makes a new plan


Meet episode 11th January 2022 update: a lot of grammar will be happening in the Zee TV daily soap meet. The makers have always come with new and interesting twists in each and every episode for the entertainment of the audience.

In the recent track, it is been seen that Tej returns home, and Manushi is also very clever to enter the house. She gets to know that Rajvardhan has booked tickets for her.

Meet tells that she knows that money she is trying to start a new life and that’s why she will not stop her but she wants her to stay over there for one day to take a rest.

Manushi gets angry thinking that no one in the house cares about anyone. She decides to stay in the house. On the other hand, the family celebrates the return of Tej.

But meet feels bad because Sunaina is not over there she asks Babita about Sunaina, Babita asks Ragini to take Tej back to his room and she reveals the truth that Sunaina got married.

Meet and her husband both of them gets shocked hearing this. On the other hand, Manushi plans to do something so that she can stay over there at the same house.

She somehow brings Tej to her room and then she told him to hurt her. Tej runs after her and then he throws the flower vase at manushi. She gets unconscious,meet starts screaming.

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