Kundali Bhagya Episode January 11th 2022:Preeta changes the game , Prithvi in trouble

Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2022

Kundali Bhagya episode 11th January 2022: Nagre tells preeta that she is not trapped because she does not know that it was his plan and he only told Prithvi to allow you to take the signatures from Mahesh. He says that and now she will have to do whatever he says.

She says to him that he made all the research about her but one thing he missed. She says that he did not notice that what was happening to him and the whole family at that moment. She tells that the pain that she is holding in her hand is nothing but her camera pen.

And everything is being recorded what is happening over there and the truth has been recorded she says that now she will show the video to a good lawyer and will win the case. Nagre tries to take the pain from her but she tells that he should not even think about all this.

Preeta gives the pen to Girish she pushes Prithvi and sits in the chair she says that Nagre should not leave because India house there is a rule that if any guest comes there offer at least something to them. She tells Sherlyn to make some tea for Nagre.

Sherlyn enters the kitchen she gets angry thinking that how can Preeta behave like this to her. Kritika enters the kitchen and says that she is unable to tolerate Preeta now. Sherlyn says that she is sorry but she can’t handle all this she says that she can make the tea for the family but why will she meet for Nagre who has taken all the things from the family.

Kritika tells that she is now no more on Preeta’s side and now she hates her because she is no more the old Preeta. On the other hand Nagre warrns Prithvi and tells that he should be aware of preeta. Which we gets angry on him and says that he thought that he will make the solution of the problem.

Prithvi tells that he is absolutely useless and he does not know what to do Nakhre gets angry on him and says that he told that Preeta is only the wife of Karan. He says that she has came with full preparation this time and if something happens then he will be in a very big problem.

Sherlyn asks Kritika that if a option is given that they have to choose between Prithvi aur Preeta who will rule the house then home will she choose .She tells that she will obviously choose Prithvi over Preeta. Kritika gives the tea to nagre.Nagre tells Prithvi that how can it be possible that preeta is not telling him to get out of the house.

Prithvi says that he can’t because he came to that house as Kritika’s husband and will stay at that house he asks about his plan. On the other hand Karan loses his balance but Preeta catches him. Both of them remember their old memories

Preeta says to him that she told about some rules to the family and the morning in the morning the rules does not apply for him he says that he knew this because how ever she may be acting in front of the family but he knows very well how how she feels for him.

Preeta tell him to get up early in the morning at 4 o’clock and to become the same famous cricketer that he was before she asks him to focus on the thing that he is good at. Karan goes to take the alcohol bottle but does not give it to him and he leaves. Preeta gets emotional thinking about the old memories.

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