Kundali Bhagya:GOOD NEWS!!! Karan and Preeta to Re-Unite

Kundali bhagya

Prithvi thinks that it is the best chance for him to prove to everyone that Mahesh has become mad. He tells all of them that mahesh is a mental patient now.

Preeta pushes him and goes to Mahesh , Prithvi tries to go to preeta but Karan stops him. Preeta tells Mahesh that he can hold her hand.

She tells that he always stood by her so it is her time now to support him. Rakhi takes Mahesh into the room and preeta tells the people that mahesh is not well.

The investors tell that they are ready to invest in their company. She also invites them to the Lohri. Later on Preeta and Karan speaks to each other.

He asks her why is she behaving like that with everyone. He tells that he knows very well that she is only pretending to be bad.

He thanks her and says that after a long time Mahesh has to hold someone’s hand. He tells her to be the same preeta that she is and not to pretend.

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