Kundali Bhagya S01 Ep1166,31st January 2022

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2022 Full Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2022:The episode starts with Prithvi getting angry. He says that Preeta has destroyed everything.

He thinks that it was his project and she has taken on the investors on her side. He burns out the papers. On the other hand Karan and Preeta speaks to each other.

He says that he is very thankful to her today. He says that she has taken care of her father Mahesh like a daughter. He says that he can never forget this.

Karan apologize to Preeta he says that he is sorry. She asks that what he said just now he says that it was just casual talk.

She says that sometimes a sorry can mean a lot she says that he was the one who threw her out of the house and that’s why she is very sad.

He holds her hand and she shouts. He finds that she has got hurt he starts finding the first aid box. She asks what you see finding.

He says that he is finding his bat she says that the first aid box is behind him. He asks her to sit and he put the medicine.

She asks why is he behaving so nicely with her he says that she has helped her father that’s why. On the other hand Kareena tells bani that Prithvi has done so much for them.

She says that Prithvi at first was behaving very rudely were later on he managed everything she tells that he is also taking care of my.

Bani ask her what is she saying. Rakhi says that it is true that who has made everything fine. Kareena says that if someone asks her to choose between Prithvi and Preeta she will always choose Prithvi.

Prithvi gets into the room and tells everyone that he is sorry. The next morning Preeta wakes up and finds that Karan is sleeping on the sofa

She asks him to wake up and go to the practice. Preeta gets ready, Girish comes and gives her the morning tea.

She says she will be doing have breakfast with everyone. He says that no one has wake up. She asks him to cut the electricity so that everyone wakes up.

She says that she will be making tea for everyone. She tells Girish that she is going to the kitchen and she will be making breakfast.

We have watched the episode on the OTT platform.

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