Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, 3 January 2022: Shocking! Virat fights for shruti

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Mohit tells the family about shruti and Virat he also tells them that he has seen both of them together at the hotel. Virat tells that he is not guilty. Karishma taunts that her doubts about Virat’s affair are correct.

Pulkit asks about shruti’s husband Virat tells that your husband is no more in this world. Virat tells that there is nothing between both of them but no one agrees with him.

Mohit tells that he has seen the name in the register and it was written Shruti Chavan Pakhi and Bhawani taunts sai for not changing her surname after marriage and keeping it Joshi.

Ashwini feels bad because her son has done all this. Samrat tells that everyone should be calm he tells that he has full faith on his brother and he knows very well that his brother can do anything like that.

Sai scolds Virat for having relationships with other women. She asks that why we did not shift with her in the same room. Virat tries to give the explanation but no one listens to him.

Pakhi tries to speak in between but Virat asks her to keep quiet. Ninad starts cursing Shruti Virat asks everyone to stop saying bad things about Shruti.Sai asks Virat whether he will support an outsider and argue with the family for the outsider.

Virat tells that yes he will support the outsider he says that he is already fighting with my family for Shruti. Everyone gets surprised to hear all this from Virat.

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