Bhagya Lakshmi S01 Ep 151,26th January 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Update: Lakshmi tells her sisters that she will be going back to the over house To handover some papers.

She explains to her sisters that how did she saved her in front of everyone the last day.Rano reads her daily horoscope and gets happy.

She finds that she will be getting a lot of money after sometime. But later on she hears from Shallow that Lakshmi has gone to meet Rishi so that she can give back some papers to him.

Shalu inform her that Lakshmi has not open the papers and seen what is over there.Rano gets afraid thinking that what will happen if her plan fails.

She thinks that what will happen if Lakshmi and Rishi both gets close to each other and again Lakshmi returns to that house.

She decides to ask that what is happening with the divorce papers. She calls Neelam but she does not pick up the call then she calls Rishi and asks about divorce papers.

Rishi says that you are so busy that he forgot about the divorce papers.Rano tells that Lakshmi has gone to his house to give the divorce papers.

She asks her to sign the papers and return it back as soon as possible. He agrees to return the papers after assigning it.

But he also gets excited learning that Lakshmi is coming back to him. He goes to meet Lakshmi but does not find her there. Lakshmi feels uncomfortable going inside the house.

She decides to leave the house. Rishi decides to meet Lakshmi and he goes to her house. On the other hand Lakshmi enters the Oberoi house.

Karishma and Sonia does not let Lakshmi enter the house and ask her to stay outside the house. She says that she has came they are not to do anything else but to give back the papers.

Both of them starts insulting Lakshmi. Neelam comes there and get shocked to see Lakshmi over there. Aayush asks Sonia to behave properly.

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Lakshmi asks all of them to stop fighting with each other.Rano kills Rishi that Lakshmi has gone to meet him at his house. Rishi leaves from there.

Dadi come back home and gets surprised to see Lakshmi over there she gets emotional seeing her. Rishi remembers that he has forgot his car keys.

He goes back to take the car keys when rano tries to create a misunderstanding between Lakshmi and Rishi. She speaks on the phone and tells that Lakshmi always wanted a divorce.

Rishi overhears the conversation and feel very bad. He thinks that the things that she is telling is absolutely right and he leaves from there.

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