Udaariyaan Upcoming Episode Big Update: Will Lakshmi be able to save Fateh?


Udaariyaan Upcoming Episode Big Update: Jasmine enters the house and she dances along with the music being played by the musicians.

Fateh and the whole family look at her and thinks that why is she doing all this. There tejo learns the truth from angad .

She decides to save her family and Fateh from the wicked plans of jasmine.On the road her scooty faces some problems and so starts running and she falls down.

Tejo stands up and keeps on running so that she can save the family. In the latest episode, it was seen that tejo sits in her room and remembers the lovely moment with fateh.

Fateh also gets in his and Tejo’s room and thinks about tejo and gets emotional thinking of the old memories.

On the hand, it is seen in the latest episode that angad goes to meet tejo and he gives her the mobile and tells her that he went to her home.

Tejo neglects him but he says that he wants to speak to her about a very important matter and he says that it is about them it is about fateh .

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