Bhagya Lakshmi 8 January 2022 sneak peek

Bhagya Lakshmi 8 January 2022

Neelam asks Virendra that why he did not stop Lakshmi from leaving the house he keeps quiet. Neelam says that everyone knows very well that they brought Lakshmi to that house because Rishi was in Problem. She asks that why he did not stop her.

She says that her son Rishi is is still not safe he still has problem in his kundali. Virendra tells that they have done mistake and it is their mistake because he promised to Lakshmi that Lakshmi will never be hurt because of the family but they have not kept their promise.

Virendra asks Neelam that how can she be so jealous and selfish. He says that he brought Lakshmi to that house as Rishi’s e wife and he could not take care of her. Lakshmi things that Rishi and the family has cheated on her she feels bad and she breaks on completely.

Neelam tells Virendra that he never a was a good husband and he Now he prove that he is is also not a good father.Dadi asks Neelam to stop but Virendra says that Neelam is right because it is true that he is not a good human being he could not keep the promise that he made to Lakshmi.

Virendra tells that Neelam is so selfish that she can’t see the mistake made by her son and she is taking out the mistake made by Lakshmi. He says that Lakshmi has made no mistake and it is the mistake of his son that he is married to Lakshmi still he went to married Malishka.

Neelam tells that everyone knew that the house that Malishka and Rishi both of them love each other from the beginning. She says that everyone’s First Choice was Malishka. Virendra breaks down completely help her in the difficult situation.

A lot of twist and turns are coming in each and every episode of Zee TV daily Bhagyalakshmi. The audience are very excited to know that what will be happening in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned with us for the latest spoiler and updates and keep on watching Bhagyalakshmi.

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