Udaariyaan Spoiler alert: Will fateh accept Jasmine in his life?

In the latest racket is been seen that tejo and fateh reaches a cafe.Fateh find that a child is about to fall and he goes to save the child when he finds that the tejo is also present over there.

Tejo and fateh looks at each other and gets shocked fateh a tells that he is not following but the siblings told him that they will arrive there. Tejo also says that diraj has said had to come to the cafe.

After something they understand that the family members are trying to make both of them understand that they are made for each other and they must come together once again.

They are about to leave the cafe when a waiter comes there and informed them that there is a offer for couples. He says that if any of the couple orders something then they will earn points.

Fateh and tejo order for some coffee.Fateh is about to say something to Tejo but she stops him from seeing it. Tejo makes him understand that Jasmine and he got married.

She says him that he must take care of his wife and must accept Jasmine as his wife. After sometime Jasmine also I have said the same Cafe. She gets shocked to see Tejo and fateh together.

In the early episodes It is seen that Tejo returns to this school she gets a warm welcome from the school members. Everyone gives flower to her but fateh bring flower bouquet for her and she gets amazed to see him there.

Later fateh also saves her on the road from light lamp. She gets angry on him she asked him whether he is following her or not. He says that he is not following her but he saw her in the injured as he came to save her.

The audience are quite excited to know that what is waiting for the upcoming episodes because the makers of the show are coming up with new and interesting episode . To get the latest update and spoilers of the shows stay tuned with us.

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