Anupama 8th January 2022 : Anupama gets to know about Malavika’s past

Anupama 8th January 2022

Anupama episode 8 January 2022: The episode starts with Malvika . Malvika start screaming she asks Anupama and Anuj not to beat her she goes to her room and closed the door from inside. Anupama and Anuj bangs on the door and ask her to open the door.

On the other hand Pakhi gets irritated because Anupama and Anuj and not arriving. Jignesh and Hasmukh pulls Leela’s leg. Pakhi asks why Anupama not coming.Vanraj tells that they must be stuck in traffic that’s why they are getting late. He says that they must keep on playing the game .

On the other hand Anupama bring some mirror and tries to open the door. Anuj asks that from where did she get to know about this technique she says that one Pakhi used to get angry she also used to do the same thing and used to write this technique to open the door.

They somehow open the door and enters the room Malvika start screaming and asking them that they should not beat her. Anupama close and grabs her she hugs her. Anupama asks Anuj that what has happened he have to tell. And start feeling uneasy seeing his sister in this condition.

On the other hand Pakhi tells that Anupama’s phone is unreachable,vanraj and samar also tells that they are also unable to reach Anuj and Malvika. At the house Anuj blames himself for the condition of Malvika he says that he is responsible for her condition.

He says that many years ago Malvika fell in love with the boy named Akshay but in the boy used to love her money and not her. He says that after that he met a boy with whom Malvika got married . Anuj tells that he thought Malvika was very happy in the relationship.

He says that when a girl gets married then the husband gets full right on the girl. He reveals that Malvika was going through domestic violence. Anuj tell that on 31st December night he decided to surprise Malvika that’s why he went to her house.

He says that the door of the room was opened so he entered the room without knocking to surprise Malvika, he says that when he entered the room he found that Malvika sitting at the corner and crying and howling. He says that when he went near her his marks on her body.

Anupama gets shocked to know the truth that Malvika was going to domestic violence, and it says that everyone thinks domestic violence only happens in the family where there is lack of money on lack of education but the truth is domestic violence exists everywhere.

Anuj tells that he was so angry on that night when he got to know that his sister is going to all this he was about to kill the man but Malvika asked him not to do anything like that. Anupama stays shocked hearing on this she tries to console Malvika so that you can get out of this situation is easily.

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