Anupama S01 Episode 488,31st January 2022:Anuj and Anupama gets shocked to know the truth

Anupama 31st January 2022

Anupama 31st January 2022: Malvika enters the shah house. And she starts screaming and Kinjal loses her balance and the falls from her hand. Everyone comes then asks what has happened. Malvika says that it is her mistake because by mistake she screamed so loudly that Kinjal got afraid.

Leela says that she is always like that maybe someday due to her screaming someone will hurt and heart attack. She says that she wants to speak to vanraj because it is very important to speak to him. She says that she has thought the whole night.

She says that she has decided that they should launch the hotel in Mumbai and that will be their first launch. Vanraj gets happy that the alarm rings. He says that it is time for her to take the medicines she says that she does not have her medicines with her.

He says that he has them with him he gives the medicine to her everyone gets surprised to see that fees taking so much care of her. On the other hand, Anuj tells Anupama that it is very surprising that mukku is getting improving so fast.

Anupama says that counseling is very necessary for each and everyone she tells what has happened to Pakhi. Kavya tells that she had to go to the office. Leela asks why she going to the office so early she says that she has a lot of work to be done.

She leaves for the office. Vanraj says that when she did not have any job she used to be after him but now she has a job and she is changed. He says that they must also look for the office he asks Paritosh to come to the office as soon as possible.

Anuj and Anupama speak to each other and he says that they have to do something. He saves Anupama from the car.Vanraj gets out of the court and says that he is sorry it is only because that mukku is in hurry.

He says that it is good that nothing happened to Anupama because if something happens to him or his family he does not leave that person who has done dad. Leela tells Hasmukh that he must speak to his son when he comes home about Malvika.

Anupama and Malvika enjoys eating pani puri. Malvika says that she have to say something to Anupama. Anupama tells her to say that what does he want to say. Malvika says that she likes vanraj then she says that she does not want to think that what is happening between him and Kavya.

Malvika says that it is a very good feeling when he is with her. She also asks her not to tell on these things to an otherwise you will get angry. But unfortunately, Anuj overhears all the conversation and gets angry he goes to the park and takes up a crate of soda bottles.

He starts Breaking the soda bottles on the wall. Anupama finds that Anuj is standing over there she asks what is he doing over there he says that he had over here all the conversation between them. He says that vanraj has destroyed her life and now he is trying to destroy his sister’s life.

He says that he can’t let that happen and you will destroy everything. On the other hand, Vanraj feels happy thinking that everything is going according to his plan everything will happen according to his plan.

Anuj asks Anupama whether she would have told him the truth what you has told her if he would have not heard the conversation. She says that maybe she would have told him. Anuj says that means she would not have told him. He leaves from there in anger.

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