Anupama Season 1 Episode 28th January 2022

Vanraj comes in front of Anupama and Kavya. He thinks that Anupama has brought Kavya so that he stays away from Malvika.

Vanraj thinks that Malvika is loved by Anuj if he does something to Malvika then Anuj will also support him in what is he doing.

He goes from there. Kavya tells Anupama that she came to that office because she wanted to stay alone with her husband.

Anupama says that she does not know anything about this is that she wanted a job that’s why she give her job. She says that she can’t help for more than this.


She informed her that today she will be accompanying her to the house.Vanraj overhears their conversation and goes inside .On the other hand Nandini and samar sits with each other. Both of them goes to tell something.

Samar tells that he thought something he says that he thought that it is more hurting if he is not speaking to Nandini and arguing with her. Nandini says that it is true because she has also felt the same thing.

Both of them patch up and tell each other that they love each other. On the other hand Anupama comes out of the official and calls Anuj. She tells that she will be going to her mother’s house. Anuj asks that why does she always go to her mother’s house.

He realises his mistake and asks that when will she return back. She says that she will return back within 2 hours. He says that two hours is a lot of time. Anupama tells she will try to return within one hour and he gets happy.

He gives an idea he says that he can drop her to her house. Anupama asks him to go to his house and to start working. Kavya comes and asks Anupama whether they will be living or not. Both of them goes from there.

Malvika comes there and tells Anuj that Anupama went and now what will happen to him. She asks that what will happen if someday and father leaves him. Anuj asks or not to see all this. Anupam and Kavya enter house.

They see that vanraj is sitting on the chair near the corridor the same way that used to seat. He stands out from the chair and says that it is very amazing because his ex wife and his current wife home he wants to leave both I have came to the house together.

Everyone comes downstairs to see that what is happening.He Starts shouting on Anupama he says that he wanted to stay away from Kavya but Anupama has again brought her to his office. He tells his parents that he feels like he is unable to breathe.

He says that he is all alone and no one understand same, Anupama reminds him that he is not all alone and he act as if he is innocent because he has done very bad things with her when she was his wife.Later Anupama tells sorry to Leela.

She says that she did not remember that she was a when creating problem in their house. She says that when she got the job she promised her said that she will help each and every woman who is in problem like her.

Hasmukh tell that in life sometimes difficult time comes but they have to move on.Samar tells Anupama that they will be always supporting her. Anupama leaves from there. Paritosh gets angry and asks Kinjal that why he does not get the things when he want.

She asks him to watch because the thing is in front of him she says that he should not be angry on his mother this time. On the other hand Anupama drives the car and she thinks that now she is not the old Anupama who will be scared if someone shouts at her.

Vanraj does push ups and think that Anupama has a very bad habit of answering to each question. He is decided that he will do such a thing that no one even can imagine. Anupama decides that she will be supporting Kavya.

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