‘Project Runway’:4 designers reach the finale

Project Runway

Project Runway Season 19 : The recent episode featured the top four designers-  Coral Castillo, Kristina Kharlashkina, Shantall Lacayo, and Chasity Sereal.

The winner will get to present their collection at New York Fashion Week .And she will be also be taking home the coveted title of ‘Project Runway’ winner.

All finalists are women this time. In the latest episode they were given the challenge to make something that represents their brand.

The participants were encouraged and told that the sky is there limit of creativity.

Well the task is not a small task because the contestants at putting everything to convince Brandon, Elaine, Nina, and guest judge Karlie Kloss that they deserve the opportunity to make a collection for New York Fashion Week

In the end, the judges loved all the designs so much that they could not eliminate anyone and they send all four to the finale.

Viewers can go on different streaming services like Fubo, Philo, YouTube TV, Direct TV stream to watch the episode.

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