Zee TV Meet Upcoming Episode Major Twist

Meet 22 november 2021

High Voltage drama is going on in Zee TV serial meet. Ravi comes to the Ahlawat house and tell that it is due to meet that he is in this condition.

Rajyavardhan denies to believe him he says that his daughter-in-law can do all this. Ravi says that is not lying and he is telling the truth.

He leaves from there but he tells everyone to ask meet once he leaves that what is the truth.Meet ahlawat asks with whether she has done that.

She gets disheartened after she gets to know that her husband does not support her and does not trust her she asks there why he does not trust her.

He says that he trusts are what the thing is that she has done things like that and has fought with people that’s why he’s asking.

Both of them gets angry at each other. Babita asks meet to make her husband understand because he is not eating the dinner.

She makes him understand and asks that why is he showing his anger on the food. She says that she should be angry on her and not on the food.

Ravi meets Manushi he says that he can do anything to get Sunaina back in his life. Manushi tells that she also wants her sister’s husband back.

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