Anupama S01 Episode 15th January 2022


Anupama Episode 15th January 2022: Anuj, Malvika and GK laughs suddenly they find Anupama is going from the house. Anupama tells them that she has to leave the house now.

GK ask her to stay over there he says that he wants her to stay but he is not getting the exact reason, Malvika tell her to stay over there are Anupama tells that Anuj is now fine and she should leave the house.

She says that she will be visiting them open and she has also made food for them. On the other hand samar and Nandini starts fighting because of Kavya Nandini tells that no one cares for Kavya.

Nandini says that why everyone finds Kavya’s fault and everyone blames her for all that has happened and all that happens. She says that Vanraj it is equally responsible for all this.

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Samar tells Nandini that they must think before getting married, both of them leave from there and Leela gets surprised to see all this.

Malvika tries to stop Anupama, Anupama asks all of them not to stop her because if she lives there then the society will be asking questions about her.

Malvika tells her to stop thinking about what will be the society thinking about her. Pakhi waits for Anupama’s call Paritosh ask her what you waiting for she explains to him that she wants to go to USA for her further studies.

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Paritosh tells her that he will be helping her in getting a scholarship so that she can go to USA for her studies. Anuj tells Anupama that Malvika needs her and she needs to stay over there.

Anuj tells Anupama agrees to stay over there and take care of all of them Anuj tells that she should never tell that she will be leaving the house .

Anupama tells Anuj that she has spoken to vanraj about the matter. She recalls how she was speaking to vanraj to about the domestic violence.

She remembers telling vanraj that domestic violence is not only putting hand on women but it is also about the respect vanraj tell her that he has also told sorry to her before.

Anupama asks him whether sorry is everything and it can sort out every problem. Anuj praises Anupama for confronting vanraj . Leela calls Anupama and tells about the problem between samar and Nandini.

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