Anupama Latest Update- Fans are loving the romance sequence of Anuj and Anupama


Anuj and Anupama sees vanraj and malvika together .Anuj feels embarrassed after seeing this. He leaves from there. Anupama tells vanraj that he should not forget the relationship between him and his business partner.

Vanraj says that he knows that . Later Anupama goes to Anuj and tells him that he should eat the rasgulla that malvika has sent for him

She imagines that she and Anuj both are spending lovely time with each other. Anupama leaves her hair open, holds Anuj’s hands, and walks hand-in-hand with him in a park. 

Back to reality, Anuj asks Anupama what has happened to her. Anupama escapes the place. Anupama thinks that she must do something to reunite anuj and malvika.

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