Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein Latest Update: Virat leaves the house after Sai goes away from the Chavan house

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Virat decides to leave the house thinking that the family does trust him and there is no meaning to stay over there where no one trusts in him.

He announces to everyone that he will leave the house soon. Bhavani takes command of the house in her hands. And tells Virat that he can’t leave the house as he is the son of the house.

In the latest episode it was seen that sai tells the family that she will leave the house as virat does not respect her and she is no more important to him.

Mohit tells that Virat and sai should get a divorce,Virat shouts at him . Sai tells that she will not give him divorce . Virat also tells him that if she doesn’t want he will not get a divorce.

Ninad also tells Virat that he should give to divorce and set her free so that she can leave your life independently. Sai leaves the house.

Virat goes to his room and remembers the happy moments with his wife. He gets feels nostalgic thinking about all this. The next day sai starts imaging that Virat is standing in front of her.

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