Anupama 2nd January 2022 Promo Update: The Happy Family! Will anuj propose Anupama?


Anupama 2nd December 2022 Update: in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Anupama will tell Anuj that until and unless Anuj and Malvika gets together no one will be happy.

Anuj and Malavika will hug ll each other and gets emotional Anuj drags Anupama towards him. GK, Malvika, Anuj and Anupama gets together.

Seeing them together Leela will feels awkward. On the other hand Kavya will tell vanraj that Anuj is not the owner of the Kapadia Empire, she says that Malvika is the owner.

High Voltage drama will be happening in the upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap Anupama. The makers have always entertained the audience with interesting twists and stories.

On the first day of the new year 2022 the show has begun with the new twist. So far it is seen that Anuj reveals that actually he is not the owner of the property Empire.

Anuj gives all the property and the business to Malvika. But Malvika gets angry and asks him that why is he doing all this. Anuj it says to everyone that actually he is an adopted child.

Anuj tells that he is an adopted child but never anyone made him feel like that. Malvika tells that, she has always listened to her heart she burns the property papers.

Anuj asks that what is she doing she says that she does not want this she says that she hates him. Malvika says that Anuj has always done everything for everyone else without thinking about himself.

She says that Anuj was the only one who has taken responsibility of the business and has made the business and Empire. She says that if it does not have the right on her then in the whole world no one has right on anyone.

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