Anupama S01 Episode 463,1st january 2022-WHAT! Anuj is an adopted child


Anupama episode 1st January 2022 update: the family members start playing the game. Anupama puts the garland on Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama whatever she wants. Before she says that what she wants they hear a noise. They find that Malvika is angry.

Anuj asks her what is going on. Malvika does not tell anything and standstill. Anuj finds that the envelope is lying on the floor and he gets shocked. He says that he thought he will give the surprise to her at 12 o’clock like every year.

Anuj says that by mistake then will feel down on the floor when they were playing. He says that but isko that she has received an envelope. Malvika comes in front of Anuj and asks that how can he do like this.

Anuj says that there is no mistake in this because it is the truth and all the things that he has is owned by her. Everyone stands quietly and tries to figure out what is happening and what is the matter.

Kavya tells Anuj and Malvika that if they want to give they can go outside the house and continue their argument but they should not spoil their party. Anupama tells Malvika that she is angry and she must calm down first.

Malvika gets emotional and hugs Anupama. Kavya asks what is going on. But no one answers her. Malvika tells Anuj that she hates him. She asks him that how can he do all this.

Kavya asks what is the matter and what gift has given to Malvika that she has got so much angry. Anupama also ask him that what gift has he given her.

Anuj tells that he has give us some papers,Anuj says that he does not belong to the party Empire. Anupama asks that what is going on because they can understand anything.

Malvika tells Anuj that she hates him. Anupama tells that she can’t understand anything that they are telling. Anuj reveals in front of everyone that he is an adopted child.

Anuj says that his parents were unable to have a child that’s why they adopted him and then later on Malvika was born. He says that no one in the house ever made him feel as if he is adopted.

Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Kavya thinks that that means Anuj is not the owner of the Empire but Malvika is the owner of the Empire. Malvika ask him that why is he doing all this.

Anuj says that each and everything is her’s. Anuj says that he was only taking care of the business because Malvika was a kid. And now she is mature enough to take care of all this.

Anuj tells that when they used to study in the school Malvika used to give her back to Anuj and he used to carry it. Anuj tells Malvika that he is tired of this burden and now he wants to give all the things to her.

Malvika says that she has always done what her heart has told her to do, and she will to a similar thing today. She Goes and burns out the property papers. Anuj asks her to stop. Malvika tells him that he deserves all this.

Malvika tells that he has taken care of the whole business. She says that he has made the business from a small startup the Empire. She says that she has always ran around, but he has taken care of each and everything and taken the responsibilities.

Both of them start laughing. Malvika tells that she will never let all this happen. She says that Anuj has always worked for others to make others happy, but he has never shown his right on anyone or anything. Malvika asks Anuj to show his right on the persons that belong to him and to the things that belong to him.

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