Anupama 21st January 2022 Major Update: Anupama and Anuj share an eye-lock


Anupama 21st January 2022 Major Update: Jignesh asks Leela why is everyone so quiet. Hasmukh also asks Leela that’s why she is so quiet.

She says that she is not feeling good without Anupama, Kavya and Nandini. She says that she will not enjoy the occasion without them.

Vanraj overhears this conversation and tries to make the family happy. Kinjal asks him whether he will like to take tea. He tells Pakhi to make the tea.

On the other hand, Anupama helps Malvika to wear this saree. Malvika tells her that house use different difficulties in wearing a saree after her marriage.

She gets emotional thinking about her past. Anuj gets happy seeing Malvika in saree. He takes off evil-eye from her. Anuj says Anupama knows well how to keep everything collectively.

Anuj and Anupama look at each other and gets emotional. Anuj says that she is looking very beautiful. Anupama gets teary.

Anuj helps Anupama wear a necklace. Anupama takes off an evil eye from Anuj too without informing him. Samar and Nandini meet each other.

Both of them start avoiding each other. Anupam asks both of them to become friends and everything will be OK. She has both of them apologize to each other.

Samar invites Nandini to come to the house to celebrate the occasion. She says that in the house vanraj will be there so she does not think that he will be comfortable.

He tells that she can come to their house if you wish to come back pakshi gets excited and she reveals to everyone that she is going to USA to complete her education.

Anupama comes there and asks her not to go anywhere.Vanraj and Anupama start arguing with each other. Anupama tells that he has not informed her before taking the decision.

He says that she has also not informed him before she told him that she will be not going to USA. He says that he dreamt of going outside India and studying but he could not.

He says that he will not let her daughter’s wish to be not fulfilled. Anupama says that she is going outside only because her friends are going she is not going to study.

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