Meet 21st January 2022 Big Twist Update


Meet 21st January 2022 Big Twist Update:The ahlawat family gets ready to celebrate lohri. Everyone gets dressed for the occasion.

Meet ahlawat gives meet a gift she finds that he has made the favourite sweet for her. Both of them feed each other. Meet gets emotional.

Meet thinks that her mother asking her whether she will give her husband to someone. She tells herself that the answer is no she will never give meet ahlawat to anyone.

She gets emotional and says that she will never let anyone take her husband from her. Meet feels good that husband is trying to make her happy.

In the latest episode It is seen that meet reveals that it is she who has came in the disguise of a Baba ji. She asks her mother about her behaviour.

She asks that why did she tell the other day that she does not like her daughter earning money. Her mother says that she was very afraid because of her sister.

She tells that she knows Manushi very well and she will try to create problem in her life.Meet Yash yours that there will be no problem in her life due to Manushi.

On the other hand Manushi tries to get close to meet ahlawat but he asks her to stay away from him. She intentionally gives hurts meet ahlawat.

She also starts helping Babita she gets surprised to see that Manushi knows how to wear saree and she is not like meet. Manushi asks Babita whether she can work with her by the give her the opportunity to work with her.

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