Udaariyaan S01 Ep 277:Tejo meets Jasmine at her house


Jasmine returns home everyone gets shocked to see her over there. On the other hand angad tell Tejo that he loves her very much.

She gets shocked to listen to this from him she says that she can’t love him because she loves her fateh. He says that but Fateh does not love her.

Jasmine says that she did all this only to save Amrik. She tells that she wants every one of the family to get down on their knees and to to tell her sorry.

Tejo gets angry on Angad and she slaps him she says that she will decide what she has to do in her own life. Angad realises his mistake and he starts crying.

He falls down,tejo goes to him and saves him she asks him that why is he doing like this. He says that actually he is not like this but the loneliness inside him is making him do this.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that amrik tells fateh and rupy not to go to the police station otherwise they they will again arrest him.

Fateh telss that they must at least know that what happened the other night. And they leave for the police station on the other hand tejo gets to know about what Jasmine has done.

She goes to meet Jasmine. She opens the door and finds that tejo is standing in front of her she says that she has seen her face in the morning and the whole day will be bad.

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