Anupama S01 E478-19th January 2022 Major Update


Anupama 19th January 2022 Major Update: Today’s episode starts with Anupama and vanraj arguing with each other. Anupama tells Samar that whatever decision he will make he should make it very intelligently.

She reminds him how the whole family broke after the relationship between his parents broke. She says that the whole family is affected by a relationship.

Vanraj tells samar that if he thinks that there is problem in the relationship then we can destroy the relationship. Anupama asks him not to teach all this to their son.

But he asks Anupama to keep quiet he tells Samar if he does not feel like being in this relationship then he can move ahead and make another relationship.

And then again if it does not feel like that relationship will work week and again break and moment to another relationship.

Vanraj tells him that until he finds the perfect relationship we can change. Anupama says that this is the only thing she could never make him understand

Anupama tells that a relationship is not like plastic that it will last long but the person in the relationship will have to put their efforts.

She tells samar to think before taking any kind of decision. On the other hand Nandini asks the man to open the door but she gets angry on him.

The man leaves from there and ask to call another man. Anupama comes then and gives her the keys. Nandini says that she does not want to speak to her at the moment.

She says that she knows very well Anupama will support her son. Anupama says that you’ll always support who is right. Anupama and Malvika speak about business.

Anupama and vanraj enter office and does not speak to anyone. Anuj tells Malvika to take care of her partner and he will take care of anupama.

On the other hand Leela and Hasmukh thinks that have a nice day speak to vanraj about Kavya. Paritosh makes Nandini understand everything relationship.

On the other hand Anuj and Malvika asks Anupama and vanraj that what has happened.Vanraj tells Malvika that he is again alone.

He tells her that she will understand his difficulties because she knows how it feels when the marriage does not work out.

On the other hand Anupama tells anuj that the relationship between her and vanraj has came to the same position where they never wanted to go.

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