Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2022 Major Drama: Preeta Comes Back to the Luthra House

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2022 Major Drama: Prithvi goes to Mahesh Luthra and tells that everything that he is today is only because of him.

He says that after taking a deal in business you will become the business tycoon. But the thing is that no one will know that instead of him and Mahesh.

He goes near Mahesh and Mahesh attacks on him Prithvi starts shouting Mona comes there and helps him. Prithvi asks Mona that why is he getting ok.

He asks that why is he remember everything. Mona remembers that Preeta has told her that if she does anything wrong then she will complaint against her in the Medical Association.

She says that she does not know anything what is happening. Prithvi says that she must do something so that everyone feels that he is mad.

He says that she must show a snake to him and then he will get afraid and the members who will be there in the party will think that he has become mad.

Rakhi tells bani that the party will be there but no one in the house is happy she says that no one is happy for the party. Prithvi comes over there.

He tells that they have to do acting in front of the guest he says that if they does not do the acting and the guests does not feel good then they will have to face difficulties.

He says that in the party will introduce himself as the son in law of that house. Prithvi asks Kritika to hold his hand. Both of them enter the party.

Sherlyn friends Prithvi and Kritika holding each others hand. Prithvi introduces everyone to his family. Suddenly Prithvi finds that Nagre is not there.

Prithvi and Kritika starts dancing , after a while Prithvi receives a call and he leaves from there. Karan and the police comes over there.

Nagre goes on the stage and says that to the he will be making a very important announcement. Karan tells the police to arrest Nagre.

The police tells that they don’t have any proof as soon as they get any prove they will arrest him.Nagre announced that he is going to welcome the main member of the Luthra business.

He introduces Preeta to everyone and everyone gets shocked. Everyone’s trusting the how can it be possible Rakhi gets happy she tells everyone that it may be Karan was brought with the back.

Preeta tell that until now they were only into the event business and now there in turning into the construction business she asks Nagre to begin with the presentation.

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