Meet 19th January 2022 Major Update: Meet finds Sunaina in the hospital


Meet 19th January 2022: Today’s episode begins with anubha entering the ahlawat house she tells it is lohri and on this day meet will be staying at home .

Rajvardhan tell that there is no need of doing all this. He says that Babita will be also going to work and meet can also go to work.

But anubha tells that it is her daughter’s first lohri and she wants her to stay at home and to celebrate the occasion with family members.

She asks to meet whether she has not told the family members that she will be not working anymore. Meet starts thinking that why is her mother behaving like this.

Anubha  golden Kumkum box and asks them to place it in mandir.Meet ahlawat and meet goes and places it in the Mandir.

Meet ahlawat asks that why she did not tell about that she has taken an leave. She tells that he has also not told what he wanted to say the last night.

Meet ahlawat is about to say but meet finds that Babita is taking Sunaina somewhere. Babita takes Sunaina to the hospital and asks doctor to conduct a test.

Babita asks Doctor to check if Sunaina had physical intimacy with her second husband or not and she offers Doctor a hefty amount to find the truth.

The doctor asks Sunaina whether she is ready to conduct the test. Sunaina says that she is ready. Meat overhears all this and then she stops Sunaina.

Babita come there and ask meet to stay away from all this. Meet says that there is no need of proving Sunaina. Meat says that but never asked her son that together wheather he had any other relationship.

Babita asks her not to drag her son into all this, myth says that how can she do like this she is like her role model. Babita says that she have to go to the boutique.

She asks her not to tell that she came to the hospital for this. Meet consoles Sunaina. At the house everyone gets ready to fly the kite.

Manushi comes there and ask meet ahlawat to help her. He asks her to leave from their but she does not listen to him.Anubha gives tea to Ammaji.

They hear Baba’s voice, Amma ji asks Anubha to invite him. Meet disguise herself as a Baba and enter the house to find out what is the problem with anubha.

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