Udaariyaan Update : Jasmine decides to ruin Tejo and Angad’s life


Fateh get to work where he have to wash the utensils the man over there tells to wash the things fast.The man says that it looks like he is from a good family  don’t know what punishment he is bearing for the deeds.

Fateh thinks that it is his deeds for which he is suffering.On other hand tejo and riya play they make a scarecrow.Ryya asks that when did she get to know how to make that.

Tejo remembers her childhood times.Angad comes there,riya asks tejo that does she miss her mother.Tejo also asks the same question to her.

Angad tells riya to go from there and have the food.Jashmie meets sweety and tell that she wants to take revenge .She tells thatshe will ruin the life of tejo and fateh.

Jasmine tells sweety that for that she first needs to find out tejo and fateh.Sweety tells that what is happening to her is only beacuse of her and no one is reponsible for that.

Sweety says to jasmine that she should forget what has hapenned and she will do something so that jasmone can go to canada.

She tells that it is her dream to go to canada and now but first she will take the revenge.She breaks the glass bottle. Her hand bleeds. Jasmine tells this wound will heal after her revenge is fulfilled.

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