Bhagya Lakshmi Spoiler Alert: Rishi decides to break Malishka’s engagement

Bhagya Lakshmi Spoiler Alert

High voltage drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes of the serial bhagya lakshmi.According to the latest promo released on youtube it will be seen that maliksha will decide to break her engagement with viraj.

Malishka will tell her mother that every thing is good in love and war .She gets ready to break her engagement.Later her mother will inform rishi that malishka loves her very much.

Hearing this rishi will get surprised he will decide to stop her from getting married.Rishi also says to ayush that he will do what he has decided.Ayush will start thinking that how what will rishi do now.

In the latest episodes it is seen that rishi reaches malishka’s house from the backside of the house.He tells her that he will marry her but after one year.

He tells her not to get married.Lakshmi tells ayush that they must go to malishka’s house to give her the rope that the priest has given.

They reach there and rings the bell rishi goes to open the door.Ayush and Lakshmi thinks that may be everyone in the house have gone to sleep.

But suddenly hear rishi’s voice and get surprised when they find that malishka has opened the door Lakshmi gives the rope to malishka.

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