Anupama Episode 442 ,9th Dec 2021 :Anuj’s life in danger,Anupama Breaks Down

Anupama 9th December 2021

Anuj proposes Anupama and tells her a poem.Anupama gets surprised.He tells that he always thought that he will say this to her at the right moment.

He says that he realized that every moment is best to tell this to her. He tells that he can’t remember when he said to his parents that he loves them.

He tells that it is the right moment say this to her he says that he loves Anupama and has always loved her. Anupama gets emotional she remembers whatever Hasmukh has said her that day.

Anupama call Anuj at that moment some goons come there. Anuj asks them to do nothing to Anupama. He says that whatever they need he will give them.

He says that he is ready to give all the money and all things but nothing should happen to Anupama. He says that he will be giving his car and money and whatever expensive things he has.

The goons asks Anupama to give all the jewelleries. Anupama takes about her necklace and gives it to them. Anuj takes out his mobile and other things and gives it to them.

The magnet which Anuj used to play with falls down and one of the goons takes it and it’s telling that he is ready to give everything but he will not give that.

But the man says that he will take it because he is willing to take it and it says that he is ready to give his ATM card he says that he will also give the password but the man should return the magnet.

He gives all the things to them and the Man returns the magnet. One of the man ask Anupama to give her a ring, Anupama tells that she has not opened for many years that’s why they are stuck.

Anuj asks them to leave her and says that he is ready to give all the Rings he asks to leave her. But the goon tries to take it from Anupama and Anupama gets hurt.

Anuj gets angry and starts fighting with them after the fight one of the men comes from behind and hits and on his head he gets unconscious.

Anupama takes him to hospital she feels nervous She Goes and tries to call GK. But he does not pick up the call. And at last Anupama calls vanraj and inform about all this.

Anupama starts crying she finds the doctor and asks that how is Anuj, the doctor tells that he is not ok and if he does not get back his senses in 24 hours then he will go in coma.

The doctor asks anupama to call someone from the previous because she is also tired. Anupama completely breaks down and starts crying.

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