Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert : Fateh gets into a fight with thieves


The Hotel Manager gives the bag to Fateh and asks him to give it to the guest.Fateh goes to give the bag to be guests but they leave from there.

Fateh follows the car and run on the road he falls down he remembers Tejo and feels Tejo’s encouragement. He fails to give the bag to the case.Later on he gets into a fight with some thieves.

In the latest episode it was seen that fateh find a job because he has no money with him. He gets a job of washing utensils.

The man asks him to wash utensils faster. The man comments that he looks from a good family maybe he has done something bad that’s why he is suffering.

Fateh things that he is suffering for his own deeds. On the other hand Riya and Tejo become good friends they play with each other.

Both of them makes are scarecrow Riya her that from where did she learn to make this. Tejo remembers how she used to play with Jasmine and gets emotional.

Riya asks tejo that she misses her mother or not tejo also asks her she mss her mother or not angad comes there and tell riya to go from there.

On the other hand jasmine speaks to sweety and tells that she want to take revenge from fateh and tejo.Sweety tells her that she is reponsible for all this.

Sweety tells her to forget everything and to start a new life. Jasmine tells her that she wants to take revenge.Sweety says that she to do something so that jasmine can go to canada.

Buy jasmine tells that it is her dream to go to Canada but she will not go now.She tells that she will fateh and tejo and then she will be happy.

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