Anupama 10th December Spoiler Alert: Anupama tells her feelings for anuj to vanraj


The upcoming episode of serial Anupama coming up with new twist. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that vanraj reaches the hospital.

Anupama asks vanraj that how can a man love someone for 26 years and for 26 years can wait for someone to come to his life.

Anupama tells that she never understood the feeling of Anuj that he used to feel for her. But now she can filled how much she also loves him.The doctor comes and tells that they have to do the operation and asks them to fill up the forms and do all the formalities.

So far it is seen that some goons attack Anuj and Anupama and ask them to give all the expensive things they are having.Anuj asks them to stay away from Anupama and he will give everything to them. Anuj gives all his expensive things to them. While taking out his mobile the magnet that he plays with falls down.

One of the men takes it Anuj asks them to return it he says that he can give everything but he can’t give that. But the man tells that he is not ready to give that. Anuj tells that he is ready to give the ATM card he says that there is lots of money in his account he says that he will also give the ATM pin.

The man returns the magnet to anuj. But one of the men tries to take the ring from anupama forcefully.anuj gets angry and starts fighting with the goons .One of them comes from behind and hits anuj from behind.He falls down the goons run away.

Anupama somehow manages to take anuj to the hospital.Anupama thinks of calling GK and informing him but he does not pick up the call.She calls vanraj .Vanraj gets shoked that anupama is crying he question that is she ok or not he asks where is she .

Anupama tells that she is in the city hospital and anuj is injured.Afetrwards anupama asks the doctor that how is anuj.The doctor tells her that if anuj doessnot get back to his senses then he will go to coma.The doctor tells anupama to call some one from the family .

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