Udaariyaan : SHOCKING! Angad is a murderer ?


Udaariyan is ne of the most loved television shows. Fateh gets to know that tejo and angad are in Gurdaspur. Fateh meets than in the petrol where he has started working. Fateh goes to fill the petrol when he finds that tejo is sitting in the car and laughing.

He gets happy to see that she is happy. Tejo also sees the reflection of Fateh and thinks that fateh is present there. She goes to find him but fateh hides. On the other hand, jashmine decides to earn some money so that she can follow tejo and fateh.

In the latest episodes, Riya’s Nani comes to Angad’s house to take Riya from there. She tells that she wants her granddaughter back. The police also tell him to give back her granddaughter to her. Angad takes out the order from the court and gives the letter to the police

He tells that it is the order of the court that Riya can stay with him if she faces any problem staying with her grandmother. Left with no option her grandmother leaves but before leaving she reminds angad that how angad has killed Riya’s parents.

Jasmine continues to blackmail people to earn money she starts blackmailing a man whose spouses want a divorce from them and earn money. She will learn that Angad is in Gurdaspur. She deduces that if angad is in Gurdaspur then Fateh and tejo will also be there.

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