Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Twist : Will Lakshmi find about Rishi’s affair?

bhagya lakshmi today episode

Zeetv daily soap bhagya lakshmi is one of the most loved tv shows. In the latest track, it is seen that viraj’s dadaji tells lakshmi to help them in choosing the wedding outfit for malishka. Lakshmi goes to buy the wedding dress for malishka. She selects a beautiful dress for malishka.

On the hand rishi and malishka also reaches there.Rishi likes the dress which lakshmi has selected he tells madhu to let malishka try the dress and he tells that he will speak to the person who has selected that dress.Lakshmi calls Rishi and both met each other in the mall.

Rishi asks her to try the dress which she has selected for herself. Lakshmi goes to Changing room 5 where malishka went. Rishi tries to stop Lakshmi from meeting Malishka and he enters the changing room. In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Kiran calls malishka.

Rishi finds that malishka’s phone is with him. Lakshmi question that what he is doing with malishka ‘s.Malishka hears the voice of lakshmi and gets out to see that who is there. Lakshmi sees Malishka wearing the red wedding dress selected by her then She asks how did Madhu know that you are the bride.Madhu tells that rishi told her to let malishka to try the dress.

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